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For climbers and coaches who are ready to…

  • take their movement skills to the next level
  • train robust movement systems
  • learn optimal coordination patterns and tactics
  • build a confident, expansive movement library
  • learn to leverage biomechanics & motor learning principles to improve performance & longevity in climbing

Dedicated to...

…improving and sustaining rock climbing performance.

Our mission is to assess and train your individual biomechanics and athleticism for climbing performance optimization. Fine tuning your technique and creating a robust base of athletic movement for climbing starts here.

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Longevity + Performance

Climbing is a unique sport that you can theoretically do for the rest of your life. We want you to be able to climb for your lifetime.

Focusing on your individual movement patterns and habits, we can start to iron out areas that are more prone to injury and overuse. The goal: efficient, effortless, smooth movement.

As movements become easier and complex patterns become ingrained in your brain, performance naturally boosts.

We can assess more challenging moves and sequences and see how to optimally coordinate your body to achieve the variety of movements that climbing demands.

Dr. Jazz bouldering outside

Climbing is filled with nuanced movements.

Excellent movement does not come overnight.

Moving fluidly, choosing smart movement tactics, and knowing exactly how you want to move takes practice.

Being totally in touch with your body and being able to adapt your movements are essential skills to train and maintain.

Are you ready to fine tune your movement?

Let's level up your skills.

Make hard moves feel easy.

Now's your chance.
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Hey, I'm Dr. Jazz.

Dr. Jazz indoor bouldering
Photo credit: Denver Bouldering Club

– Consultant & Coach with a PhD in Biomechanics

– Movement Expert

– Generally curious human with a thirst for continuous learning


I’ve always been deeply interested in how humans move and what we’re capable of.

From a young age I was climbing up trees, jumping off of things, bouncing around, and finding all kinds of fun ways to move and coordinate my limbs.

…then I found rock climbing just as I was starting graduate school.

I learned how to assess and breakdown movement patterns through biomechanics and gained extremely useful skills when it comes to improving athletic performance.

Applying these concepts to climbing just clicked and I’m super grateful to get to work with climbers from all over the world!

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Jasmin Honegger, PhD

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