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Live Masterclass

Essential Climbing Mechanics Live Masterclass

Level up your movement tactics and skills by learning fundamental principles from the science of mechanics and how to directly apply them to your climbing!

Join me for a live masterclass where I will teach 4 essential principles from mechanics that will help to improve your understanding of movement and your approach to climbing.

Learn to apply the following:

  1. How to really change speed
  2. Increasing friction
  3. Clever momentum tactics
  4. Skilled tension and balance
The information will be explained clearly and in a way that anyone without a background in mechanics can understand.

Countdown to the Masterclass!



Date: Thursday, June 23, 2022

Time: 7-8pm (MDT)

Via: Zoom

Cost: $30

Who: Anyone interested in learning better movement tactics and applying mechanics to climbing.

Note: A recording will be available following the live event for those who sign up.

Jasmin Honegger, PhD

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