Climbing Research Initiative: Movement & Performance Labs

1:1 Climbing Coaching & Training

This is like looking at your climbing through a magnifying glass. With 1:1 coaching, the goal is to improve your performance based on your individual level, strengths, and weaknesses.

This option is good for you if:

  •  You want to improve your climbing movement quality and efficiency
  • You don’t know what’s holding your climbing back from leveling up or don’t know how to work specifically on these weaknesses
  • You want to gain better awareness of how you move, how to plan your movements, and your overall biomechanics

With this option, you receive individualized coaching and training to improve your climbing performance. You receive technique assessment, video analysis feedback, and climbing-specific drills targeted at your individual style and weaknesses.

Apply for a coaching spot with Dr. Jazz for 8-week periods!

Jasmin Honegger, PhD

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