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Climbing Movement Analysis - 3 Video Package

Climbing involves the performance of complex skills and movement patterns. Receiving meaningful and reliable feedback on your climbing performance can help to accelerate your learning and skill level. It can also help to draw awareness to specific aspects of your movement that you never realized.

This 3 video package is good for you if:

  • You have received video feedback before and know you’d like feedback on videos in the future
  • You only want video feedback and not additional coaching
  • You want to learn more about your climbing strengths, weaknesses, and technical profile

With this option, you receive technical feedback on 3 videos of you climbing (does not have to be all at once) with insight related to your strengths, weaknesses, technique, and biomechanics. You receive video mark-ups and feedback explained in plain, useful terms.

Analysis and feedback is provided by Dr. Jazz of CRIMP Labs who has a PhD in biomechanics and a passion for movement quality.

Note: The video submitted must be clear, stable, and filmed at an appropriate angle on a single climb.

Jasmin Honegger, PhD

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