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Climbing Movement Assessment - Comprehensive Evaluation


If you’re not assessing, you’re only guessing.

Assessments are incredibly useful for determining current ability and level across the wide array of skills necessary for successful climbing performance. There are many complex skills and movement patterns associated with climbing that can slip through the cracks if you don’t assess them.

Most assessments target aerobic and anaerobic capacity, strength, and power. While these areas are important to assess, movement during performance and technical skill are addressed less in climbing. The problem is that many climbers don’t know how to improve their own movement with the current strength and power that they possess.

This is why I provide a remote climbing movement assessment. It helps to highlight what your strengths are and what weaknesses you can work on in a broader, more holistic sense. This is how movement assessment is different than movement analysis. Assessment is similar to a broad “report card” and analysis like a specific “exam”.

This remote climbing movement assessment is good for you if:

  • You want to a bird’s eye view on your climbing movement and technique
  • You want specific details on the strengths and weaknesses in your movement
  • You want suggestions and ideas for practice to target your current weaknesses
  • You want to see if you have any strange or obscure movement patterns that could increase your risk of injury or hinder performance
  • You want to learn more about your movement and how to improve
  • You already have a coach or are self-coached and want this additional insight

The climbing movement assessment requires you to film yourself climbing in a variety of scenarios (different holds, wall angles, sequences, techniques, etc.). This gives me a good look at how you move on the wall.

The results are provided in a neat and organized PDF with charts, a table, details on the results in each category, as well as suggestions for practice to target areas of weakness.

Following the assessment, we will schedule a 30-minute call to discuss your results and any questions you might have.

Jasmin Honegger, PhD

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