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Our Mission

CRIMP Labs is dedicated to improving and sustaining rock climbing performance. Our mission is to assess and train your individual biomechanics and athleticism for climbing performance optimization. Fine tuning your technique and creating a robust base of athletic movement starts here.

We believe that a better understanding in the science of human performance and climbing will empower you to achieve your biggest goals. We trust that understanding diverse topics in climbing science can inspire us all to connect more deeply with and become better stewards and advocates for our sport.

If you have any questions or would like to collaborate, send us a message. Happy climbing!

Hey, I'm Dr. Jazz!

What Inspires Me?

I’m a climbing coach and performance consultant with a background in mechanical engineering. I’m very curious about human mechanics and went on to receive my PhD in Biomechanics. I’m particularly interested in the relationship between the various forces and motions present while climbing that relate to both performance and injury risk. I also love assessing and breaking down optimal individual technique and movement patterns.

It’s easy to get bogged down by  the complexity of climbing movement, however understanding what information is relevant to any given task is key! I like to provide that “microscope” on the details of your climbing. With my experience, I’m able to pick up on aspects of technical climbing performance that typically are not detected. I’m excited to help you learn about your climbing in new ways and apply concepts to accelerate your improvement.

In addition to biomechanics, I’m also fascinated by psychology, as well as all things tech-related in the climbing world. I also skateboard, play the drums, and live with my little dog, Bean, in Denver, Colorado.

Jasmin Honegger, PhD

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